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Friday, 30 June 2017

White Star: Toshe Station

Toshe Station, Klendathar System
Orbiting the savage planet Klendathar, with its windswept wastelands, decadent ancient cities - some long fallen into ruin - vast sandworms, glass seas sailed by wind-driven U'tarr Raider ships, its Viridian jungles, terrible sand-storms and night-black pits holding long-forgotten treasures... 
Lying on the far fringes of the thousand-world Galactic Consortium, Toshe is an old Station, an open port for merchants, traders, pirates, scallywags and outlaws, renegade nobles, scavengers, agents of the Consortium and other Powers...

Well known drinking establishments on the Toshe Station Strip include Macklin's Bar, favoured by spacers seeking a quiet drink, and the notorious White Palm Revue, owned by a dubious character named Malkus Kreed. Kreed is rumoured to have his fingers in all sorts of pies. The Rassilon is a luxury hotel (3 creds/night or 20/week single, 2 creds/night or 13/week double) in the CBD corporate sector downtown. Total Station population is approximately 250,000, with over a thousand Consortium Space Corps personnel under Commandant Asimov, including 120 Station Security Police under Lt Col Deering. Tanito's Emporium on the strip sells reliable weapons systems at RRP. Le Petit Kvatch is a Colovian seafood restaurant near the Rassilon with a reputation for excellent cuisine, much of it shipped in live from Colovia weekly.

The White Star PBP Game thread on Dragonsfoot.

White Star RPG rules available at White Star: White Box Science Fiction Roleplaying [Swords & Wizardry] - Barrel Rider Games | White Star: White Box Science Fiction Roleplaying | RPGNow.com and the Companion set is at White Star Companion [Swords & Wizardry] - Barrel Rider Games | White Star: White Box Science Fiction Roleplaying | RPGNow.com
White Star is compatible with Swords & Wizardy Whitebox (free here). Replace references to Gold Pieces with Credits.

Currency Conversion
1 Consortium Credit = £100 approx.
1 Mini-cred (Chit) = £1
1 Micro-cred (Tab, Bit) = 10p.
Credits are held in note form, or electronically via bank deposit, most commonly at the Bank of Omega Consor which has branches throughout Consortium space. Microcreds and Minicreds are held either in metallic coin form or as 5, 10 & 20 chit notes.

Typical Living Costs
Impoverished: Planetary 1 credit/week, Space Station 2 credits/week (eg flop house)
Working Class: Planetary 3 credits/week, Space Station 4 credits/week (eg cheap hotel)
Middle Class: Planetary 6 credits/week, Space Station 8 credits/week (eg good hotel)
Luxury Class: Planetary 15+ credits/week, Space Station 20+ credits/week (eg luxury hotel)

Ship Hire (Light Transport): 100 credits/week Routine duty, inclusive. 200+ for High Risk duty.
Personnel Hire (Orbital, Routine): Worker 5 credits/week, Professional 10 credits/week.
Personnel Hire (Orbital, High Risk): Worker 25 credits/week, Professional 50 credits/week.

Ship Docking Fees (Orbital): 2-7 credits.
Ship Bay Fee: Orbital bay 3 credits/day (21/week), Ground bay 1 credit/day (7/week). Includes water & power.
Ship Running Costs (Fuel, Fees, Supplies, Repair etc): approximately 1/400 base cost per week of active duty. For a 10,000 cr Light Transport , 25 credits/week approx (+5 minimum credits per crewman).

Sample routine unilateral trade run: Basic foods, 20 metric tons, Colovia to Toshe Station  9 days in transit, 9 return, 1 day each end, 21 days total. Running costs 3x25=75 credits (£5000). Food bought at 4 credits/ton and sold to wholesaler at 9 credits/ton. Profit 5 credits/ton. Gross profit 20x5=100 credits - 75 credits running costs =  25 credits. Lone trader Middle Class personnel upkeep = 8x3= 24 credits; excess 1 credit. In practice a shipmaster will aim to buy goods at Toshe, probably from beyond the frontier, and make a decent profit with a longer turnaround.

Equipment- Standard Gear Weight (lbs) & Cost
Ammo Bandoleer (holds 20 energy cells/magazines) 1 5
Backpack (30lbs capacity) 1 5
Belt Pouch (10 lbs. capacity) 0.25 3
Binoculars/Dark Vision Binoculars 2/5 10/100
Breathing Mask 0.25 20
Clothing (Common) 3 5
Clothing (Fine) 5 25
Clothing (Exposure) 15 50
Clothing (Space Suit) 125 250
Communicator 1 25/50
Flares 0.25 3
Flashlight 0.5 5
Jet Pack 25 100/25
Med Kit 1 20
Mini-Computer 1 100
Rations 1 1
Recording Stick 1 15
Rope (50 ft) 5 5
Sleeping Bag 1 10
Tent 3 20
Timepiece 0.25 10
Tool Kit 1 25

Equipment - Extra
Datapad, Civilian (0.3 lb): 5 credits cheap, 10 credits high quality
Handcuffs (0.2 lb or 0.8 lb): 2 credits standard, 5 credits heavy duty

Military Grade Communications
COMMUNICATOR (1lb, 25c/50c): This hand-held device allows for auditory communication with another individual who also has a communicator at a distance. Another version which also feature a small hologram transmitter that allow users to and project images of themselves to the individual
they are speaking with are also available, but costs twice (x2) the listed price - 50 instead of 25.
MINI-COMPUTER (1lb, 100c): Mini-computers are small, hand-held computers with touch
screens, tiny hologram projectors, and a large amount of storage capacity. They interface with other computers and starships, store information, and allow communication across great distances and into low orbit.
Communicator includes datapad function but with greatly extended range & durabillity - standard civilian 'pads are fine on space stations or urban environments but tend to break when dropped, are not waterproof or sand/dust proof, and only have a few miles effective range from a transmitter (such as a Spaceship, Communicator or Mini-Computer). But you can link your 'pads in to a nearby Communicator or Mini-Computer as your base station, & use that for long range transmission to eg an orbiting starship. The Communicator includes an audio scanner and Diplomat-level translation function for known languages. (A 'pad has a basic translate function about as good as Google Translate).  
For heavy duty processing power (eg to hack into a computer system, calculate a jump route, analyse and translate an alien language, analyse a disease & suggest a cure, etc) you would need a mini-computer, a starship computer (best), or a robot. Mini-computer includes a multi-function scanner.

You can radio link your communicators to your own ship computer no problem. Communicator and Minicomp are supposed to be able to uplink reliably to either a ship in orbit or a geostationary orbit comms satellite; atmospheric phenomena can prevent this, and active jamming certainly will. 
Your light transports' maneuver drives are designed for landing rather than for extended operations within the G-well. A low orbit is fine, but that gives only intermittent comms. A geostat orbit (22,236 miles over the equator of an Earth-sized planet) is usually fine for comms, except perhaps at extreme latitudes, but pickup of a ground team would take a good while (ca 3 Turn/30 minutes/30 combat rounds). Maintaining a geostationary point under power above a ground team within a few hundred miles of the surface for any extended duration allows fast team extraction, but is draining on ship power & propellant, and leaves a ship very vulnerable to SAM attack. Usually either landing or geostationary is preferred.


Task Resolution: Compare Attribute with Task Difficulty number, either set (typically 5-10-15) or rolled on typically 2d6 (easy) 3d6 (typical) or 4d6 (very hard). Succeed if equal or exceed TD.

Using Level, Character Competence = Attribute (eg STR, normally 3-18) + Level (1-10 in White Star)

Task Difficulty is rolled:
Very Easy - 2d6  - eg jump a 7' gap
Easy - 3d6 - eg jump a 10' gap
Medium - 4d6 - eg jump a 14' gap
Hard - 5d6 - eg jump a 17' gap
Very Hard - 6d6 - eg jump a 21' gap
Heroic - 7d6 - eg jump a 24' gap
Formidable - 8d6 - eg jump a 28' gap
Amazing - 9d6 - eg jump a 31' gap
King of the Impossible - 10d6 - eg jump a 35' gap

If Competency equals or exceeds Difficulty, the attempt is successful!

Combat: '20' is a critical hit for maximum damage. Unconscious at 0 to -2, dying -1 hp/round at -3 to -9, dead at -10. Dying PCs may attempt a Save each round to stabilise. A medic can attempt to stabilise 1/r, eg INT 4d6 (basic CPR), 3d6 (trained), to 2d6 if Combat Medic class; automatic with medkit. Application of healing that instantly restores hit points always stabilises.
A character immediately taken to -6 or below hp by an attack has suffered a severe injury and potentially disabling, possibly resulting in the loss of eyes, limbs etc - make CON save to avoid.

Modifiers: Partial Cover (eg prone, shooting behind wall, shooting behind tree) gives +4 AC except at point blank range, within 10'. Superior Cover (eg firing slits) gives +8 AC. Full Dodge (no attack) gives +4 AC. Partial Concealment (eg heavy fog, forest/brush) gives +2 AC. Full Concealment gives +4 AC. Long Range gives +4 AC. A '20' always hits, unless cover & range mods take target number above 20 before armour & DEX.
A melee weapon such as a Star Sword wielded two-handed is +1 to hit. A rifle braced & aimed two-handed (no move) is also +1 to hit, except at point blank range.

Sneak Attack: a carefully aimed shot or backstab (first attack only) vs an unaware, not fast-moving target is +4 to hit, and the hit does double damage dice, eg dagger does 2d6-1, star sword does 2d6+4. An attack vs a completely static target (asleep, unconscious, incapacitated) is an automatic hit for double damage dice. An execution attack vs adjacent helpless target does the same, the target will normally appear deceased immediately, and the target must Save (CON applies), or in fact be deceased.

A high-CHA ground combat commander like Janette Wilcor (CHA 18!) could give her CHA bonus to troops under her command each round as either an Init, AC ("Take cover"!), Melee or Missile bonus.

A high-CHA starship commander (eg Kthint CHA 15 at level 2) could give his CHA bonus as a morale & coordination bonus to crew serving under him, to one of Init, AC ("Evasive Maneuvers!") or Targeting each round. So eg at level 2 if Kthint is in the Captain's seat on the Bridge, he could give his Pilot +1 Init or +1 AC, or give all his gunners +1 Targeting.

Advanced Armour reduces explosion/shock/concussion damage (where no to-hit roll is made) by an amount equal to its Armour bonus. Even if armour is not penetrated, on a failed save the explosion still does a minimum 1 pt of damage per damage die, eg a 2d6 explosion does minimum 2 damage.


Attributes are best 3 of 4d6 in order. Weak characters may take -3 STR for +2 INT or +2  CHA. No XP bonus by Attribute. Characters may add +1 to one Attribute every 2 levels (2, 4, 6, 8, 10), to a maximum of 18.

Hit Points: PCs get 9 hp for 1st hit die, +4 hp per subsequent hit die. PC-equivalent Heroic NPCs get 9 hp on first hit die. Regular 3d6-rolled NPCs roll d6 for hp, or get 6 hp if Elite (best 3 of 4d6).

Initiative Bonus: PC Class Characters add their listed Hit Dice (not their Level) to the d6 Initiative roll. Starship combat Init & Targeting uses higher of INT or DEX.

Attack/Save Modifiers
20      +3
18-19 +2
15-17 +1
7-14   +0
4-6      -1
2-3      -2
1          -3

Changing Class
A character may need or want to change Class (eg Pilot to Star Knight, or Aristocrat to Mercenary). They keep their Attributes and XP total, as well as possessions. Other abilities are switched to those of their new Class. Level and Hit Dice may change as a result.

Guideline XP Awards per PC (Tabletop) - Session Total
Minor Session: 500 'spaceport bar/adventure begins'
Typical Session: 1000 'meet the Ewoks'
Major Session: 2000 'Death Star run'
Guideline XP Awards per PC(Tabletop) - Specific
Minor Encounter - 50
Typical Encounter - 100
Major Encounter - 200
Minor Treasure - 100
Major Treasure - 500
Minor Quest Award - 200
Standard Quest Award - 500
Major Quest Award - 1000

1. Geradile Courana (f), Miletos Corporate Liaison (NPC)
2. Kthint Dargo, Aristocrat & Captain of the Pride of Meltarm (Bob) CHA 14
3.Janette Wilcor (f), Mercenary, former Lt, CSMC (Roxy) CHA 18
4. Zhaerk the Rawrarr, Alien Brute (NPC)
5. Bjorn Argane, Two-Fisted Technician (Steve) CHA 14
6. Max Davidion, Pilot of the Pride of Meltarm (Suboltari) CHA 09
7. Leopold 'Leo' Marseilles, Ace Pilot (AmalgamGames) CHA 14
8. Red Starr (f), Leo's "girlfriend" (NPC) - non crew

Courana's contract: "I'm authorised to offer you 400 credits each for a minimum 8 week contract, extendable at our option up to another 8 weeks at 50 credits each per week. With a divisible bonus of 1000 credits for each of our people recovered, 10000 credits if our ship can be recovered and brought here to Toshe Station. All sums to be paid at conclusion of the contract, either on return to Toshe Station, or elsewhere at our option."

Leo's contract with Malkus Kreed: 1500 credits to deliver passenger to Chronos Base and bring back a 20 ton cargo, within 50 days (7 weeks, 1 day).

Miletos Contract: 50 credits/week, minimum 8 weeks & Miletos option to maximum 16.
Ship Hire: +50 credits/week ship charter (Dargo, Marseilles). and all costs paid by Miletos Corp.
Bounties: 1000 credits per crew rescued, 10000 creds if Astral Endeavour salvaged.
If no bounties recovered, then an additional 10 creds/week each per person, for maximum 6 weeks.

Courana's Roster
1. Geradile Courana (f), Miletos Corporate Liaison
2. Kthint Dargo (m), Captain, Pride of Meltarm 
3. Janette Wilcor (f), Security/Tactical, former Lt, Consortium Space Marine Corps 
4. Zhaerk (m, Rawrarr), Tactical Operative
5. Bjorn Argane (m), Technician Specialist
6. Max Davidion (m), Pilot, Pride of Meltarm 
7. Leopold 'Leo' Marseilles (m), Captain & Pilot, Allied Transporter
8. Red Starr (f), guest, Allied Transporter

Room Number & Assigned Berths - Pride of Meltarm
7. (Captain's Stateroom) - Kthint Dargo
8. (Second Stateroom) - Geradile Courana
9. (1st Bunkroom) - Max Davidion, Bjorn Argane
12. (2nd Bunkroom) - Zhaerk, Janette Wilcor

Allied Transporter
1. Leo Marseilles
2. Red Starr


Related image1.Name: Kthint Dargo, renegade noble, Captain of the Pride of Meltarm (Bob PC)
Sex: male
Age: 26
Class: Aristocrat
Level: 2
XP: 1983/3000
AC: 13 (Light Composite) or 10.
HD 1+1
Hit Points: 8/10
Init +1
BHB: +0
Save: 13, 11 vs influence/mind clouding
STR 15 (+1) INT 10 WIS 13 CON 10 DEX 9 CHA 15 (Asst:5 Loyalty +1)
Notes: Powerful Speaker. Silver Tongue. +2 on Saves vs Influence/Mind Clouding.
+1 Command Bonus. 
Level bonus +1 CHA
credits: 9.5 creds on Miletos credit card.
Weapons: Heavy Laser Pistol (50 cr) dam d6+2 RoF 2 range 100', 2 energy cell (20r, 10cr )
Gear: Light Composite armour (40 creds, +3 AC), military-grade Communicator (25 creds),
Other: 300 cups of Chronaxian coffee on board the Pride.
Kjarho Cain, former House Dargo Master at Arms

Janara Benell , fatal femme
Background: High-G - Born to the ruling family of Meltarm, a High-G planet. As a young man Kthint was swept off to adventure among the stars, stowing away on a House Dargo starship (SA: hide 2 in 6) and was not on Meltarm 5 years ago when disaster befell. Following the Kazarin Invasion, his family the Clan Dargo are dead or missing. Kthint's former lover Janara Benell is suspected of being a spy for the Kazarin and using the access codes she got from him to deactivate the planetary defence grid, he has sworn revenge. Another survivor is the grizzled mercenary Kjarho Cain, former Dargo Serjeant at Arms, now leader of the notorious Helldogs Company (can call on his aid 1/level if make Save).
Kthint owns an upgraded Light Transport starship, the Pride of Meltarm - the same ship he stowed away on all those years ago. It has Class 3 shielding and two laser turrets.

Pride of Meltarm Upgraded Light Transport
ARMOR CLASS [13] > 14 with Davidion piloting.
HIT POINTS 9/60 (major damage)
ATTACK 2 x Light Laser Hit: 7 (2d6) x2 [or 2d6 x2 rolls pilot-linked vs 1 target at -2 to hit]
MODIFICATIONS Faster-Than-Light Drive, Subwarp sensors optimised for Assimilant Warp signature. Audio distortion.
The ship is a modified light transport, with dual laser turrets and Class 3 shielding - unusually well armed. The ship seems in generally good condition, though with signs of old battle damage. Subwarp Comms look standard, about 2 parsecs narrowcast. The underbay holds 6 individual cryonic pods which can be used for cold sleep, and in emergency jettisoned as escape pods. There are also 6 rather old and bulky vacc suits, marked with the House Dargo noble crest.

Image result for female SF mercenary2.Name:  Janette Wilcor, mercenary, former Lieutenant -Consortium Space Marines (Roxy PC)
Sex: female
Age: 26
Class: Mercenary
Level: 2
XP: 2250/4000
AC: 15 (+5 heavy composite armour) or 14 (+4 medium armour)
HD: 2
Hit Points: 9/13
Init +2
BHB: +1, missile: +2, +3 with laser rifle
Save: 13, 11 vs death/poison
STR 11 INT 13 WIS 12 CON 12 DEX 7 CHA 18 (Asst: 7, Loyalty +2, Combat Command +2)
Languages: Common, Savoran, Rawrarr, Gilgaxean
SA: combat machine +2 ATT/r, Save +2 vs death/poison
credits: 10
Weapons: Heavy Laser Pistol (50 cr) ATT +2 dam d6+2 RoF 2+2 range 100', 1 energy cell (20r, 10cr )
Starl-Inc Mark IV military laser rifle (100cr) ATT +3 dam 2d6 RoF 2+2, range 200', 3 energy cell (20r, 10cr)
Personal Armour: Heavy Composite (60cr, +5 AC) or Medium (50cr, +4 AC)
Gear (Miletos): Ammo Bandoleer -- 5cr, Dagger -- 13cr
Energy Cells (1 pk) -- 10cr, Heavy Composite Armor -- 60cr,  Flashlight -- 5cr

Background: Primitive - Janette hails from the barbaric world of Savoros, from where the Consortium recruit many of their fiercest soldiers. Always antagonistic to her family - her parents wanted to marry her off young - as a teenager she eagerly joined the annual Consortium Induction and was soon fighting in Supreme Lord Adlar's legions. At the academy she was trained to shoot the CBR laser rifle (+1 to hit with laser rifle). She was already a Lieutenant in the 9th Legion when her small force saved the Arcadian planet Atoros IV from Space Reaver invasion (+2 Reaction from Atoros natives). But the Vergax, the inhuman leader of the Reavers, escaped and has sworn revenge on her brigade.
Fmr CSMC Platoon Sgt Hastings
On her last mission Janette was critically wounded, blinded  and mustered out of the service. It appeared her career was over, but she gained cybernetic eyes (+1 to hit with missile weapons) from a mysterious Corporate benefactor, codename Charlie - she can call on his aid 1/level if Save (10,000 cr/level max), in return for a suitable favour of his choice...

GM: Wilcor was critically wounded about 15 months ago (about 21 months after Atoros), when her vehicle was hit by an insurgent bomb on the planet Sulos - her platoon sergeant Hastings pulled her out of the burning Infantry Fighting vehicle there. She was burned, blinded, and sustained severe nerve damage, which reduced her DEX to (at start of game) 6, also she was probably ca 3rd level before the attack :) - she was in hospital for months, until a mysterious benefactor paid for her transplants etc.
She was promoted from 2nd Lt to 1st Lt after Atoros, as well as receiving a bunch of medals, and her vid-pic used for Consortium publicity... then medically discharged after her Sulos injury, being granted Consortium citizenship at that time.

On screen appears the image of a balding, middled-aged man in CSMC dress uniform. Definitely not a friendly face, but a face that means a great deal to Lt Janette Wilcor. The face of a man she owes whatever's left of her life.
Courana: "Ron C Hastings... Your old Platoon Sergeant, Janette. The man who pulled you out of that burning IFV on Sulos. He honourably discharged 10 months ago. He was Security Officer on the Astral EndeavourIt was one reason I wanted you for this mission, Lieutenant. I know if he's still out there, if he's alive, you'll do whatever it takes to find him. To bring him home."

Kreed: "Do you remember, Wilcor, on the 12th night? You and - what was it, 128 men left, out of your whole Battalion, still holding out in the ruins of the Shiloh Arcology? You were the operational C/O, as I recall, seeing as everyone else was dead or dying... You were nearly out of ammo by then too, I'll bet. Day after day, fighting on, while that Reaver Dreadnought floated up above you like the big old Angel o' Death, pouring down fire, those Reaver Assault Landers buzzing up and down... Do you remember looking up, into that starry night sky, and seeing that big beautiful nuclear fireball as that <expletive deleted> Reaver Dreadnought blew up?! Yeah? That was us. Every <expletive deleted> Marine alive today, from the whole 9th Legion - that was us." 

Bjorn Argane, Two-Fisted Tech
3. Name: Bjorn Argane (Steve PC)
Sex: Male
Age: 24
Class: Two-Fisted Technician
Level: 2
XP: 2616/3000
AC: 13 (light composite armour) or 10 (unarmoured)
Hit Dice 2
Hit Points: 13
Init +2, Starship +3 (+1 INT)
BHB: +0, Targeting +2 (+1 INT, +1 Serial)
Save: 13/11 vs radiation & traps
STR 13 INT 17 (+1) WIS 16 (+1) CON 13 DEX 8 CHA 14 (asst 5, loyalty +1)
Level bonus +1 INT
SA: +2 to-hit and damage vs robots, Man of science (5/4 on d6+1), Bang it with a hammer, field modification, +2 on saves vs radiation and traps, 2in6 hide skill, +1 Targeting bonus with starship weapons
Languages: Uthgoran, Beep Beep, High Draconian, Rawrarr, Gilgaxean and Concordat.
credits: 9
Heavy Overcharged Laser Pistol (ATT +0, d6+4, ROF 2, 100ft),
Dagger (ATT +0, d6-1)
Armour: light composite

Gear: laser pistol (50 cr) energy cell (10 cr) dagger (3 cr) backpack (5 cr) belt pouch (3 cr) rations, 5 days (5 cr)
Miletos gear: tool kit (25), communicator (25), light composite armour (40)  flashlight (5)

Background: Born on Helstrom-3, a low-G industrial planet in the Outer Territories with a Consortium orbital base & shipyard. An orphan who grew up on the streets, he survived through charity and petty theft, so he spent much of his youth being hunted as a criminal by the local law enforcement (2 in 6 hide skill). As he grew up his natural skill with tech surfaced and he started making money by fixing broken tech and used it to buy books on tech to learn more. His break came when he helped the captain of a transport ship against a bounty hunter, and then persuaded the captain to take him on as an apprentice engineer, where he learned Concordance from a slave serving aboard ship. Almost at the end of his apprenticeship, the ship came across a battle between the Assimilators and the Consortium Space Corps, with his ship getting caught up in a huge space battle (+1 Targetting bonus with starship weapons). His ship was boarded and he was the only member of the crew to escape in a life pod, he managed to rig the engines to blow which crippled the Assimilator ship. He floated for days in the escape pod, he heard the signals from the Assimilator ship as it searched for him, for some reason it really wants him dead! Just when he was about to run of our air a ship arrived out of nowhere and took him to safety, and he learned of his mysterious benefactor called Charlie...

4. Name: Leopold "Leo" Marseilles (AmalgamGames)
Sex: male
Age: 28
Class: Pilot (Jury-Rig, Space Ace, Stick Jockey)
Level: 2
XP: 1966/2500
AC: 12
Hit Dice: 2
Hit Points: 13
Init +2, Starship Init +5
BHB: +0, Targetting +2 (+1 Serial +1 INT) > +3 with Space Ace
Save: 14 (12 vs explosions and environmental hazards)
STR 13 INT 15 (+1) WIS 9 CON 8 DEX 12 CHA 14 (asst 5, loyalty +1)
Level Bonus +1 INT
Languages: Consortium Common, Shivan, Draconian, Colovian, Beep-Beep (can learn +1)
Notes: Stick Jockey. Reroute Power. Jury-Rig (1/day). +2 Saving Throws vs Explosions and Environmental Hazards.
Serial Abilities: Pick Pockets 2 in 6, Hide 2 in 6
Credits: 500
Weapons: Mono-dagger (ATT+0, 1d6), Firearm 9mm Slug Pistol (ATT +0, 1d6, FR 2, 20 bullets),
Armour: Light armor  [+2 AC]
Gear: Light Transport Starship Allied Transporter
Assistants: 3N-K1M (level 1 butler/diplomatic robot), tool kit, clothes, 5 rations
Miletos Gear: clothing (exposure) (50 cr), breathing mask (20 cr), communicator (25 cr), backpack (5 cr), flashlight (5 cr), rope (5 cr)

Background: Leopold Marseilles comes from a wealthy family on the high-gravity desert planet of Chronax, where his family grew rich off of moisture farming. From a young age, he had a proclivity for trouble, even picking pockets though he hardly needed the money. Eventually, his family had enough of his embarassing actions and sent a bounty hunter robot NX-103 after him, forcing Leo to stow away aboard a starship to escape his family, taking with him his trusted robot butler. Unfortunately, the robot also snuck aboard and almost killed the captain, when Leo ejected it out of an airlock and saved the captain. Always shrewd, Leo then proceeded to get the captain drunk while playing games of chance and won the ship off him.

But all was not well, as Leo's family continues to hunt him, and the robot survived, but was damaged by solar radiation and now wants to dissect him...
Expert Living Asteroid Sniper - Space Battle serial bonus, +1 Targetting

5. Max Davidion (suboltari)
Name: MacSĂ©amus Caulln “Max” Davidion
Sex: Male
Age: 32
Class: Deep Space Explorer
Max Davidion, Pilot of the Pride of Meltarm
Level: 2
Experience: 2766 / 4000
Hit Dice: 1+1
Hit Points: 10
AC: 15 (+4 medium armour, +1 DEX), Starship AC +1
Init +2, Starship +2
BHB: +0, Missile +1 ( DEX), Targeting +2 (+1 INT +1 Serial)
Saving Throw: 13/11 vs environmental hazards

STR 13  INT 15 (+1) WIS 12
CON 14  DEX 15 (+1) CHA 09 (asst 4, loyalty +0)

Level Bonus +1 DEX
Languages: Draconian, Kurr, Qinlon/Kazarin, Rawrarr, Shivan.
Class Weapons/Armour: club, dagger, monodagger, staff, firearms, lasers / light, medium armour
Class Abilities:
+2 Saving Throw vs. environmental hazards
Life-Support Specialist – ST 1/week to extend ship’s consumables & life support (1d6+1 days)
Living off the Land – explore habitable planet (1 hr) for 1st ST to find 1 week’s food, water, & shelter; 2nd ST to craft tools & weapons (club, dagger, staff)
Provisioner – use 75% of normal resources
Xenobiology – ST to determine basic attributes of unfamiliar creature
Serial Special Abilities:
Delinquent Youth – 3 in 6 to pickpocket/conceal objects (2>3 with DEX bonus)
Spess Battle – +1 Targeting w/ ship's gunnery
Great Destiny – Auto succeed at one ST per level

Credits: 0 (started with 70)
Armour: Medium space armour (AAC 14, 30#) (50cr)
Bladed Gauntlet (ATT +1 w/surprise, 1d6-1, 1#) (10cr)
Military Laser Rifle ATT +0 dam 2d6 FR 2 charges: 20/20
Gear: Common clothing (incl. baggy jacket, 3#) (5cr), Flashlight (5cr)

Miletos Gear: 
Laser Rifle (100cr), Energy Cells (2) 20
Binoculars 10
Breathing Mask 20
Datapad (low quality) 5
Tent 20
Cash 5cr = 500 chits.

Background: Between the Stars. Max’s mother Della Davidion worked her way up from ‘Dabo Girl’ to blackjack dealer and then pit boss in the Chronos Asteroid Station while it was still a free-for-all trading post with a popular casino. When he was 10 years old (25 years ago) the Bloodstained pirate band took over under Captain Severin “Stained” Vermilion, Della threw in her lot with the gang and proved her worth in leading a pirate crew. Max grew up in this disreputable ‘family,’ and being less assertive than his mates he learned to lie and steal at an early age (Delinquent Youth), as well as fight with fists and knives. At 19 (16 years ago) he also gained the attentions of Stained’s daughter Astrid.
Though Max had a promising future on Chronos, he felt his was meant to be more than a common scoundrel. and he wanted to go out and explore the void on his own terms. His growth away from the Vermilions came to a head 14 years ago at age 21, when he took up with a visiting spacer named Desub Kiaanth, who following a misunderstanding with the Bloodstained Band had to leave the station in haste. The pair’s blastoff caused the death of three of Stained’s men and a broken heart for his little girl Astrid (Hostile Family; Adversary: Former Lover).
Max decided not to look back, and under Kiaanth’s wing he learned the way of the Scouts and was soon able to pass the entrance exams for a promising scout service on the planet Meltarm. Destiny intervened again a few years later during the Kazarin invasion of Meltarm (5 years ago). Max was able to escape with one of the ruling family, Kthint Dargo (PC), and the veteran Master Sergeant Kjarho Cain (Ally: Mercenary), and he accounted well for himself on the Pride of Meltarm’s laser turret (Space Battle). Regarding himself by now as a lifelong retainer for House Dargo, even if it was down to one real survivor, Max became Kthint’s permanent pilot aboard Pride of Meltarm. Max insists on referring to the ship as an “S-type Courier,” even if that is technically incorrect and endlessly annoying to Kthint.
Soon after came another clue to Max’s cryptic future. He was trying to pick up a winsome young Star Knight apprentice known only as Rey in Shiva Down Port, but instead of responding to Max’s advances, her round brown eyes bored into his soul and she informed him that he had a “destiny to save many worlds” (Critical: Great Destiny).

Consortium Citizenship
Consortium Citizenship normally belongs to those born on Consortium full member worlds, or later naturalised. It gives certain rights & privileges, notably in regards to punishment - torture & enslavement of Citizens is forbidden throughout the Consortium, though the torture rule can be (and is) bent by the authorities when it comes to sedition, treason, and other anti-Consortium activities. Local planetary authorities cannot legally execute Consortium Citizens without trial, and in some cases may be forbidden from executing Citizens at all.

Of the PCs:
Leo Marseilles - born Citizen, born on a Consortium member world.
Kthint Dargo - non-Citizen, born on a non-member world.
Miles Davidion - non-Citizen, born on a non-member space station.
Janette Wilcor - born non-Citizen, naturalised Citizen on Honourable Discharge from CSMC.
Bjorn Argane -  born Citizen, born on a Consortium member world (orphan).



1st Level Female Aristocrat (Corporate)
Age: 35
Attributes: STR 7 /INT 13/ WIS 10 / CON 8/ DEX 9/ CHA 16 (+1)
HP: 9 / AC: 10 or 12 (reinforced jumpsuit) 
Init +1
BHB: +0 / ST: 14 
XP: 900/1500
Wealth: 517 credits. 
Weapon(s): holdout laser pistol ATT +0 dam d6-1 FR 2 c.10
Gear: Breathmask, datapad.
Notes: Powerful Speaker. Silver Tongue. +2 on Saves vs Influence/Mind Clouding. 
Paternal Grand daughter of former USMC General Gerold D Courana, an early supporter of Admiral Adlar's Star Crusade. Born on Omega Consor, later college on Chronax, where her father is still a Judge. Courana's Miletos home office is on Merava, an agricultural, ranching & light industrial world, under Vice President Rodrigo Gutierrez.

"For now, I'm authorised for any reasonable expenses."
"I don't mind telling you, Lieutenant, this is not my normal environment. I'm normally in Analytics, not Deep Space Exploration."
"My paternal grandfather was in the Corps. When I was little, he used to tell me stories, of the old days... before the War. Before the Consortium."

Day 15 - Geradile Courana has fallen asleep in her bed beside Max Davidion, lying on her front with just a wisp of scarlet bedsheet over her nicely rounded rear. Max is sitting up in bed, reviewing Courana's CV on her datapad - just like she said, joined Miletos Corp straight out of college at 21, 14 years with the Company, last 3 years at the Merava office. Endless class certificates, achievement awards, and commendations... though it all seems to stop about 6 months ago. Maybe she forgot to set the auto-update...
The second image is of the same man in tuxedo, now embracing - kissing - Geradile, who's wearing a fancy red party dress, and clearly responding with equal enthusiasm. A printed banner is displayed above and behind them in what looks like a swanky ballroom - the top of the words is cut off, but the meaning is clear - "GUTIERREZ/COURANA ENGAGEMENT PARTY 122-45!!".


Image result for wookiee
2. Name: Zhaerk the Rawrarr
Alien (Rawrarr) Brute
Sex: male
Age: 80+
Level 1
AC 15 (heavy composite) or 10
HD 1+1 Hit Points 3/10
Save 13+
Init +1
Strength 20 (+3) Intelligence 16 (+1) Wisdom 11 Dexterity 8 Constitution 10 Charisma 12
BHB +0 melee +3
SA Combat machine att +1 vs 1 hd, keen senses - darkvision 40', save +2 vs poison & death.
unarmed combat ATT +3 dam d6+4 #ATT 1+1
Wealth 5 Credits
XP: 650/2000
Weapon: Rawrarr Bowcaster Laser Crossbow ATT +0 dam 1d6+4 #ATT 2+1, + Energy Cell charges: 20
Extra energy Cells: 6 (10 cr, 20 ch each)
Gear: Ammo Bandoleer, (5cr, holds 20 cells)
Miletos credit account: Heavy Composite armour (+5 AC, 60 cr), Flashlight 5 cr, 5 cr unspent

No one seems to know where Zhaerk first surfaced. He seems to have been knocking around the Space Lanes a long time, longer than most can remember. But then again few have ever asked how long the Rawrarr lived, at least not asked and remained in posession of all their limbs that is.
It was only when the great hairy beast took up with Max Davidion, the dashing star ship pilot that folks really noticed him as an individual. Odd, but most humans think all 8' tall walking rugs, pretty much look alike. Strange creatures these Humans. They only really noticed him then as they assumed he must be even dumber than the average Rawrarr for been seen with Max.
Zhaerk likes this as it causes them to underestimate him. He's actually very smart and a gifted ******. He's also very strong and like most of his kind enjoys killing things with his bare paws.

Zhaerk & Max Davidion adventured together after Max left Chronos Base. Zhaerk was also crew for Desub Kiaanth before his mysterious disappearance. They had however drifted apart in recent years, after Max joined the Meltarm Scout Service and appeared to be settling down.

Red Starr (Astrid Vermilion)

3. Red Starr (Astrid Vermilion), ex-waitress & pole dancer at the White Palm Revue. Daughter of Stained Vermilion, Pirate Chief of the Bloodstained Brotherhood, Pirate Princess
Age: 29
ST 7/IN 10/ WI 11/CO 10/DE 12/ CH 16 (+1) 
HD: 1-1
HP: 5 / AC: 10  
Init +0  
BHB: 0 / ST: 14. 
XP: 150/1500

Age: 29. code on left wrist. 
The improbably-proportioned Red Starr (see Max Davidion background) was a new dancer at the White Palm, proving very popular.  Malkus Kreed hired Leo Marseilles to take Red to Chronos Base - and return with an unspecified 20 ton cargo.
Max Davidion to Lt Wilcor: "'Red Starr' is a reverse pseudonym for her real name, which is Astrid Vermilion. Planet of origin is Russalassa, well inside Wild Space. She has lived on or near Chronos Asteroid Station for a significant amount of time. She is in fact the eldest daughter of Stained Vermilion, leader of the Bloodstained Brotherhood, one of the major pirate factions out there for about the past fifteen years."

"Well my brothers are Corsair leaders - two of them are still. One of them found out that even Concordat ships have a bite when you take on three at once... We never found the body."
"I was born on Russalassa. It's a beautiful world - red sandy deserts, dry hills, warm shallow seas. But primitive. Some people say we were a colony that failed - I dunno. The Reavers used to raid us - the Gilgaxeans - a long time ago. Took mostly the women - that was about all we had, 'cept for fish. Then a bunch of us got together, captured a Reaver ship. We found we were better at it than they were... My dad was one of those first Corsairs, the guys who captured that Reaver ship. The Heroes, we call them. Even before that though, he caught my mum - she was from a rival Clan, blood enemies. He snuck into her tent one night, carried her off..."
"But they fell in love. My mum always knew how to wrap dad round her little finger. It was bad when she died. He's not the same, now."
"I have a couple baby sisters now... but, you know. Not for real."


Hit Points:


Toshe Sation Main Strip
Consortium Space Corps (CSC) Toshe Station NPC Personnel
CSC Lt Col Eryn Deering, Toshe Station 
CSC Commandant Ibram Asimov, Station Chief, 1st Level Male Deep Space Explorer Attributes: ST 11 IN 12 WI 13 CO 11 DE 12 CH 12 HP: 6 / AC: 10 /
Init +1 
BHB: 0 / ST: 15  +2 Environmental Hazards. Wealth: 132 credits. Weapon(s): Laser Pistol ATT +0 dam 1d6+2 #ATT 2 Power cell: 20
CSC Lt Col Eryn Deering, Toshe Station Head of Security & 2iC, 1st Level Female Pilot Attributes: ST 8 IN 14 WI 11 CO 15 (+1) DE 16 (+1) CH 15 (+1) HP: 7 / AC: 11 / 
Init +2
BHB: 0 / ST: 15 +2 Saving Throws vs Explosions and Environmental Hazards. Wealth: 17 credits. Weapon(s): Laser Pistol ATT +1 dam: d6+2 #ATT: 2 Power cell: 20
Station Security Police
CSC Toshe Station Security Police: HD 1d6 HP 4 AC 14 (medium armour) Init +0
ST 12 IN 9 WI 11 CO 12 DE 10 CH 10 ATT +0 dam 1d6+2 (shock baton, non-lethal) #ATT 1; or laser pistol ATT +0 dam d6+2 #ATT 2

Other NPCs

Malkus Kreed, owner of the White Palm Revue
Malkus Kreed, owner of the White Palm Revue. 3rd Level Male Mercenary, ST 11 IN 15 (+1) WI 16 (+1) CO 16 (+1) DE 11 CH 18 (+2) 
HP: 20 (3hd, 10-5-5) 
AC: 12  
Init +3
BHB: +2 / ST: 12  Wealth: 423 credits in wallet.   Armor: Light (reinforced cloth) Weapon(s): Laser Pistol ATT +2 dam 1d6+2 FR 2+3
Notes: Combat Machine: +3 attack(s) vs 1HD creatures. +2 Saving Throws vs Death and Poisons.
A former member of the Consortium Space Marine Corps Special Operations Division (Colonel, 5th Company), the outwardly jovial Kreed is a very dangerous man. Cyborg optics.

The Uthgoran leads Janette upstairs, through a door, short corridor, another door at the end, into a well furnished office, pseudo-mahogany walls, quite dimly lit. Malkus Kreed is sitting behind a teak desk that looks genuine. There's a holophoto on the wall behind him - a slightly younger, bestubbled Kreed in Marines battledress & black CSMC officer's beret, grinning into camera with cigar in mouth, toting a laser rifle (is that smoke still rising from the muzzle?) and standing proudly with one boot on a pile of Gilgaxean Space Reaver corpses. It looks like their faces have been blasted away. Judging by the background vegetation and the light, it has to be Atoros IV.

"Do you remember, Wilcor, on the 12th night? You and - what was it, 128 men left, out of your whole Battalion, still holding out in the ruins of the Shiloh Arcology? You were the operational C/O, as I recall, seeing as everyone else was dead or dying... You were nearly out of ammo by then too, I'll bet. 
"Day after day, fighting on, while that Reaver Dreadnought floated up above you like the big old Angel o' Death, pouring down fire, those Reaver Assault Landers buzzing up and down... 

"Do you remember looking up, into that starry night sky, and seeing that big beautiful nuclear fireball as that <i><expletive deleted></i> Reaver Dreadnought blew up?! Yeah? That was us."

He presses the button again, restoring the pic of himself on Atoros, and turns to regard it, lighting up a cigar.
"About two hours after that pic was taken, the good Colonel Malkus Kreed, lately of CSMC Special Operations 5th Company, got himself shot in the face by probably the last Space Reaver sniper on Atoros."

Image result for Alien Brute
Name: Gorthag the Uthgoran, Kreed strongman
Sex: male
Class: Alien Brute
Level: 1
XP: 0/2000
AC: 13 (subdermal plating)
HD 1+1 Hit Points: 10
Init +2
BHB: +0
Save: 13
STR 17 (+1) INT 13 WIS 13 CON 13 DEX 15 (+1) CHA 15 (Asst 5 loyalty +1)
SA: combat machine +1 ATT/r, Keen Senses Darkvision 40', save +2 vs death/poison
credits: 5
Unarmed combat ATT +1 dam d6+2 ATT 1+1
Laser rifle (100cr) ATT +1 dam 2d6 ATT 2+1, 1 energy cell (20r, 10cr)
Armour: Light (25 cr, +2 AC) (subdermal)

Name: Rey Talesca, Apprentice Star Knight
Sex: female
Class: Star Knight
Level: 1
XP: 0/2500
AC: 16 (+2 armour +2 DEX +2 shield)
HD 1 Hit Points: 9
Init +3
BHB: +0 Missile +1 Star Sword +1
Save: 15
STR 10 INT 10 WIS 9 CON 13 DEX 18 (+2) CHA 12 (asst 4)
SA: +1 to hit with star sword. Save +2 vs Meditations & Gifts
credits: 15
Star Sword ATT +1 dam d6+4 #ATT 1
Laser Pistol (50 cr) ATT +2 dam d6+2 RoF 2 range 100', 1 energy cell (20r, 10cr)
Armour: Light Synthweave (25 cr, +2 AC), Energy Shield (25 cr, +2 AC vs energy weapons)
Gear: Med Kit, heals 2d4 hp
Background: Soon after came another clue to Max’s cryptic future. He was trying to pick up a winsome young Star Knight apprentice known only as Rey, but instead of responding to Max’s advances, her round brown eyes bored into his soul and she informed him that he had a “destiny to save many worlds...”
Enemy - Hunted by Consolidator Tarquin of the Galactic Consortium
Ally: Mentor - Alien Mystic. Critical: Corporate Benefactor - Charlie
PO Aliiya,, Shivan, amateur pole dancing at the White Palm

Aliiya, Shivan Spacer.  
ST 6 (-1)/IN 12/WI 8/CO 11/DE 14/CH 15 (+1)
HP: 5 (1D6) / AC: 10 
Init +0 
BHB: 0 / ST: 15 
Wealth: 65 credits.  Armor: None. 
Background: Former warrant officer on a Shivan naval ship; now 2nd pilot on the Atoran Bulk Freighter (Large Transport) Destiny's Call.
Leo looks at the Shivan dancer  - wonder why she's with a human spacer crew now? Drunk on duty maybe - she did like a drink... 
Aliiya went on a little date with the independent spacer Leo Marseilles his last night on Toshe Station. They had a romantic kiss goodnight at her airlock.

Related image
Macklin's Bar on a busy night

This is only Max's first drink, a modest Centauran brandy, but it's what's laced into the brandy that matters. Synthomesc, a strong hallucinogen available nowhere else on Toshe Station but at Kreed's establishment, and only from a particular one of his bartenders -- and, it cost all but Max's last sub-cred. At this point the wall decor of the White Palm -- a trendy fusion of Draconian neo-classical, Old Earth saloon, and gaudy disco -- is providing a rich palette for Max's chemically enhanced senses, punctuated by the gyrations of the volunteer dancer. Willful limber amateurs, enthusiastic audience... Was that gargoyle column there a minute ago? Blue fennel beavers sliding back and forth over quad warp manifolds. Wow, this is some good stuff, notes Max as he settles in for a nice, mellow mesc trip...
Consolidator Tarquin of the Galactic Consortium
CSC Toshe Station Cmdr Ibram Asimov


Single-digit parsec journeys can be completed in one jump, double-digit require intermediate discharge points. Local stellar density is about 1 system per 6-10 cubic parsecs, so this isn't generally a big issue.

Most of the Galactic Consortium is not shown; Supreme Lord Adlar's thousand-world* empire is a flattened sphere centred on Omega Consor about 100 parsecs diameter and roughly 30 parsecs deep; the vast majority of habitable planets are found within about 15 parsecs of the Galactic Plane.
*There are 176,737 charted systems in Consortium Space; fewer than 1% are inhabited.

Interstellar Travel is via Warp engine, employed outside the gravity well of stars and planets - approximately 3 planetary diameters, 30,000km, or Extreme Range in the Starship Combat system. To enter Warp ships must also be at Long range (1000+km) from any asteroids or large vessels, or Short range (100+km) from starfighters & space mines (25 hp or less). A ship in Warp folds (warps) space around itself, enabling the crossing of vast distances within days.
Standard Warp Speed is 1 parsec per day, a parsec being 3.24 light years. After 10 days in Warp a ship must discharge its Warp Coils into a gravity well to prevent lethal radiation buildup. This discharge normally takes about 1 hour per parsec travelled.
Most ships are capable of sustained Standard By Ten, a rate of 10 Parsecs per 10 days of travel, with short bursts of up to Standard By Twenty. The Ship's Engineer may attempt a faster movement for one day, up to INT+Level/10 parsecs. Roll a d6, base success chance 2 in 6, 3 in 6 with INT bonus. Success indicates the ship goes at the desired speed. Failure on a 3-4 indicates the ship goes at INT+Level/10 speed, and the ship engine takes minor damage. Failure by 5 indicates a mishap, usually resulting in a major warp drive failure. Failure on a 6 indicates a Misjump. Ships have been known to come out of a Misjump in all sorts of odd places...

Warp Coil Discharge
1. You have to get up to something like 0.1 Earth Gs to discharge the Warp Coils. The surface gravity on Pluto is about 1/12th the surface gravity on Earth, so it would be marginal for discharge.

2. You can only go to Warp with gravity below something like 0.01 Earth Gs (don't hold me to that exact number!) 

So there is a 'death zone' where you can't go to Warp, and neither can you discharge your coils. This zone is much much bigger for a gas supergiant or brown dwarf (or star) than for a planetoid. And as Mr Argane deduced, it's an attractive place for pirates and suchlike unfriendlies to seek prey.

'Charonic' planetoids just at the discharge limit are generally best for discharge in dangerous areas, because often by the time you've initiated & completed jump to Warp, which takes 5 minutes, you can already be out of their gravity well.

Gravity drops off at the square of distance to the centre of mass, so 3.3 times as far = 1/10 the gravity.

Discharge always takes 1 hour per parsec travelled, provided the gravity well is adequate. For something like trying to discharge in Pluto's marginal gravity well I'd be rolling some checks, and it would certainly take longer.

Typical time to cross at sublight speed from Warp Limit to Discharge Limit 
Charonic Planetoid 5-10 minutes
Rocky Planet 20 minutes
Earth-sized world 30 minutes
Gas Giant 1.5 hours
Brown Dwarf 3 hours
M-Type Red Dwarf 6 hours
K-Type Orange Dwarf 12 hours
G-Type Yellow Dwarf 15 hours
F-Type White Star 18 hours
A-Type White Star 24 hours, and it's getting mighty hot in here...
B-Type Blue-White 36 hours, but you'll probably burn up on approach
O-Type Blue Giant 54 hours, but don't even think it.

Interstellar Communications
Starships and space stations are equipped with Subwarp arrays, which can transmit data very rapidly - about 1 parsec/32.4 light years per hour, or more than 20 times standard flight speed. However broadcast transmissions have very limited effective range. Long range transmission (more than about 0.1 light year) requires a tight-focus beam to a relay transmitter station, which are typically stationed every 3 parsecs along communication routes, and allow for relay transmission between the worlds of the Galactic Consortium within days. A typical merchant ship has a subwarp transmission range of about 2 parsecs, 6.5 light years.

Starship combat takes approximately 1 minute per round.
In the first round of contact, closing ships are at Extreme range (over 20,000 km). Any missile systems may be fired at Disadvantage, but energy weapons are out of range. Communications attempts have a noticeable lag. (0.1 second at 30,000 km, approximately 2-3 planetary diameters).
In the second round of contact, closing ships are at Long range (about 10,000 km). All systems may fire, at Disadvantage. Ships may communicate normally.
In the third round of combat, closing ships are at Short range (about 100 km).  All systems may fire normally.
In the fourth round of combat, closing ships may close to Point Blank range (about 1 km). Non-starfighter starhip weapon systems have Disadvantage against Starfighters at Point Blank range. Otherwise all ranged attacks are made with Advantage.

Ships at Point Blank range may also choose to attempt to ram (Attack at -4, unless Starfighter, vs target AC) one enemy, if successful taking twice the target's maximum hit points in damage, and doing three times their own hit points in damage to the target (four times on a crit); very often destroying both vessels.

Starships may attempt to close on an evading target or evade a pursuer. Make an opposed Piloting roll (INT or DEX). The winner may change range by 1 band (eg Short to Long, or Long to Short). On a tie the range band remains unchanged. A ship at Extreme range that successfully evades has broken contact. Particularly fast or slow ships may have Advantage (+4) or Disadvantage (-4) on a pursuit check.

Cloaked Starships
A starship with the cloaking device modifier may render itself invisible. An invisible starship can only be attacked if the general location is known, and the target has +4 AC. If a cloaked starship is successfully hit, but unable to move, this penalty is ignored on the next attack.

Damage and Destruction
When a starship is hit, the amount of damage rolled based on the weapon used is deducted from its Hit Points. When it reaches zero (0) Hit Points, the starship begins making Destruction saves (10+) each round. With 3 failed saves it explodes, and everyone remaining on board is killed. With 3 successes it stabilises. Engineers may attempt to Stabilise a dying starship (Save, 1/round). A stabilised ship at 0 hit points remains Dead in Space, and may not move; bridge controlled weapon systems are offline but some gunner-operated systems may remain operational. Personal weapons used against starships do 1/100 damage (rounded down), but may attack 10 personal combat rounds to each 1 starship combat round.

Starships do not heal like living beings and must be repaired. This takes time and resources. It takes one day and 20 credits in resources and supplies to repair 5 Hit Points of damage to a starship.

Purchasing a Starship & Hiring a Crew
Starships are expensive and purchasing one is beyond the means of most citizens
of the galaxy; they cost several thousand credits. Player characters wishing to
purchase a starship will need to work long and hard for the necessary credits or
make alliances with those who have more resources than them. Many starships
are not even available for purchase outside of highly illegal or military channels.
A starship is inoperable without a crew. Every starship has a minimum number
of crew required, not including gunners. One gunner is required for each weapon
on a starship. These can either be player characters or hired as Assistants.

Blockade Runner 175,000 24
Dreadnought 2,500,000 400
Gunship 250,000 24
Heavy Transport 30,000 4
Light Transport 10,000 2
Medium Transport 15,000 3
Space Mine 2,000 0
Space Yacht 18,000 2
Star Cruiser 100,000 10-50
Star Fighter 15,000 1

Assault Ship 200,000 6-24
Orbital Battle Station Priceless 5,000-20,000
Orbital Shuttle 12,500 1-4
Scout Ship 12,500 1-4
Stunt Bomber 20,000 1-2

Ship Running Costs
These typically run around 100 credits/month for a light trader or similar small ship in service, including starport docking fees (ca 7 credits docking +3/day after 1st), fuel, life support etc.

Starship Statistics
All vehicles and starships have the following statistics: Armor Class, Hit Points, Shield Strength, Targeting, Attack, and Modifications.

ARMOR CLASS: A vehicle’s Armor Class reflects how difficult it is to
CSN Lt Col E Deering
 damage. This can be a reflection of its small size, high maneuverability, reinforced hull, or any combination thereof.

HIT POINTS: All vehicles have Hit Points, just like characters.
A vehicle’s Hit Points do not naturally return over time like a character’s and it must be repaired.

SHIELD STRENGTH: Many vehicles, especially starships, have a small
energy field surrounding them to serve as limited protection from
space and weapons. Whenever one vehicle with shields takes damage
from another vehicle’s weapons the damage is reduced equal to the
defending vehicle’s Shield Strength. Each time shields successfully
reduce damage from an incoming attack, Shield Strength is reduced
by one (1) point per 10 damage striking the shields.
As long as a vehicle’s shield strength is not reduced to
zero (0), it naturally regenerates at the rate of one point (1) of Shield
Strength per 10 maximum (rounded up), every five (5) rounds.

TARGETING: This represents computerized targeting systems present in
a vehicle and adds to any Attack Roll made using a starship’s weapon.

ATTACK: This represents a vehicle’s weapons and the damage they do to another. Some vehicles have more than one weapon and may engage in more than one attack per round. Unless a starship has the Automated Weapons Modification, each attack requires a single character to operate the weapon being fired.
Starship weapons that somehow score direct hits on persons and creatures do x10 damage, eg a Heavy Laser does an average 140 damage on a hit.

MODIFICATIONS: Many ships have extra features that grant them
bonuses or modifiers in combat. Details on those modifiers are described
in detail below, after descriptions of the ships themselves.

ASSAULT SHIP (Assault Frigate)
ATTACK Ion Grappler, Ion Charge x6 (2d6), Medium Laser x6 (4d6)
MODIFICATIONS Faster-Than-Light Drive
Commonly used by galactic pirates, Assault Ships are designed to disable
and board a target vessel without destroying it, leaving both crew and
cargo in tact. Through use of its unique ion grappler and its ion charge it
renders an enemy ship inoperable before a heavily armed boarding crew
makes their often brutal entry onto the target vessel.

Blockade Runner (Escort Corvette)
ATTACK Laser Cannon x6 Hit: 14 (4d6)
MODIFICATIONS Faster-Than-Light Drive
These heavily armed and armored ships are favored by pirates and other
galactic criminals. Heavily armored and well-armed, they are used to break
planetary blockades, defeat military escorts, and support stellar combat.
They typically require only a crew of two dozen men.

Draconian Aerospace Fighter 
ATTACK Hit: 14 (4d6) (Laser Cannons) [pilot-linked]
These small one-man ships are designed to operate effectively within planetary atmospheres. They are a good bit smaller than the typical Consortium Space Superiority Fighter, allowing many more to be carried on a Draconian battleship - as Emperor Draco says, "Quantity has a Quality all its own". Recent models are well shielded against light laser fire, and can usually survive a single hit from a medium laser array. They pack a punch equal to any Consortium stunt fighter.

Dreadnought (Battlestar, Battleship)
ATTACK Heavy Laser x20 Hit: 21 (6d6), Ion Charge x8 Hit: 7 (2d6), Proton
Missile x4 Hit: 28 (8d6)
MODIFICATIONS Advanced Shielding (3), Automated Weapons (16),
Faster-Than-Light Drive, Ion Charge (8),
Proton Missiles (4), Tractor Beam (2), Shield Capacitor
The most feared starship in the galaxy is the Battlestar or Dreadnought.
Crewed by over four hundred men and with enough firepower to lay siege to an entire
planet, it is the symbol of military might in the galaxy. The mere sight of
one is often enough to cause adversaries to surrender.

Gunship (aka Interdictor Frigate, Planetary Defence Ship)
ATTACK Laser Cannons x8 Hit: 14 (4d6), Ion Charges x4 Hit: 7 (2d6),
Proton Missiles x2 Hit: 28 (8d6), may have others.
MODIFICATIONS Automated Weapons (6 or more), Ion Charge (4),
Faster-Than-Light Drive, Proton Missiles (2),
Shield Capacitor (3).
Little more than mobile artillery platforms, gunships are slow, heavily
armored, heavily shielded, and armed to the teeth. Used to blockade planets
and assist in military endeavors, they require a crew of only two dozen
men. Some even deploy space mines.

Heavy Transport
ATTACK 0 or Light Laser Hit: 7 (2d6) [pilot-linked]
MODIFICATIONS Faster-Than-Light Drive, Tractor Beam
Little more than a flying warehouse with a Faster-Than-Light drive, heavy
transports are used to haul small ships, vast supplies, and other large-scale
commodities across the galaxy. They are not well armed or armored, but
require only three crew members. Because they are slow and bulky, they
are common targets for criminals.

Light Transport
ATTACK 0 or Light Laser Hit: 7 (2d6) [pilot-linked]
MODIFICATIONS Faster-Than-Light Drive
Transports are the workhorse of the galaxy. Light transports are small
freighters ferrying cargo between star systems. Typically they do not have
shields and only Light Armor and weapons. They usually require a crew of
only one or two operators, though they are easily modified and often used
by smugglers and pirates.

Medium Transport
ATTACK 0 or Light Laser Hit: 7 (2d6) [pilot-linked]
MODIFICATIONS Faster-Than-Light Drive
A larger version of the light transport typically used to haul livestock, ground
vehicles, or other bulk resources, the medium transport is a bigger, slower
version of its smaller counterpart. Unlike light transports, medium transports
usually have some level of shielding to protect themselves.

Space Mine (Suicide Drone)
ATTACK +7 Hit: 30 (8d6+2) (Self-Destruct)
MODIFICATIONS Automated Weapons (Self-Destruct)

Not so much a starship, but an automated hazard resembling a giant torpedo or small starfighter, used to bolster planetary blockades and waylay honest travelers, a space mine is an automated
starship that activates whenever it detects another starship.
It then begins moving towards that starship at pursuit
speed, making an Attack Roll as it continually attempts to collide with its
target. When it does so it explodes on impact, destroying itself.

Space Yacht
ATTACK Light Laser Hit: 7 (2d6) [pilot-linked]
MODIFICATIONS Faster-Than-Light Drive
Sleek and elegant, space yachts are used by rich diplomats and nobles to
cruise the stars in style. They are not heavily armed, but they are fast. With
only a meager laser and the lightest shields to defend itself, the space yacht
is built with the mantra of style over substance. Because of their association
with the idle rich, they are often the targets of space pirates and other
criminals - if they can catch them.

Star Cruiser (eg Consortium Customs Frigate, Concordat Cruiser, Kazarin Picket)
ATTACK Laser Cannons x4 Hit: 14 (4d6), may have others
MODIFICATIONS Faster-Than-Light Drive, others determined by Referee
A star cruiser is a universal term for any medium-sized starship found
commonly across the galaxy. It is easily modified to serve as a personnel
carrier, combat vessel, cargo hauler, or any other number of jobs. It usually
requires a crew of anywhere between ten and fifty (10-50) individuals and
can carry as many as three times (x3) that number of passengers. There
is no such thing as a “stock” star cruiser, they are almost always modified.

Star Fighter/Stunt Fighter 
ATTACK Hit: 14 (4d6) (Laser Cannons) [pilot-linked]
MODIFICATIONS Faster-Than-Light Drive (Optional),
Ion Charge(Optional), Proton Missiles (Optional)
These small, agile ships are typically crewed by only one or two pilots.
Light, fast and typically armed with lasers, proton missiles, and sometimes
even ion charges, they typically fly in squads of between three to five (3-5)
ships supporting larger gunships or dreadnoughts in large battles.

SCOUT SHIP (eg Constellation Class)
ATTACK Medium Laser (4d6) [pilot-linked]
MODIFICATIONS Faster-Than-Light Drive
The tenacious little scout ship is designed for long term space exploration.
Able to operate with a small two or three man crew, its not built for
combat, though by virtue of often being alone in the depths of space it
can take a beating. It’s not built for cargo transport, though its hold is
capable of carrying enough supplies to last a crew of three up to six months.
Scout starships dive into the darkest corners of the galaxy to discover new
planets, new civilizations and find out what lays beyond the star charts of
the universe.

ATTACK Light Laser (2d6) [pilot-linked], Proton Missiles (12d6)
MODIFICATIONS Faster-Than-Light Drive
A little tougher and a little slower than the more traditional Fighter,
Bombers are designed to support their more agile counterpart by
engaging in bombing runs on dreadnoughts and other large warships.
While not as fragile as Stunt Fighters, pilots still must be careful or they
find their bombing runs quickly turning into a one way trip.

ATTACK Light Laser x250 (2d6) Medium Laser x100
(4d6), Heavy Laser x50 (6d6), Planetary Laser
MODIFICATIONS Faster-than-Light Drive, Shield Capacitor (3),
Tractor Beam
These terrifying battle stations carry more firepower
than a fleet of dreadnoughts and require thousands of
crewman to operate. Often as large as a moon or major
asteroid they are equipped with hundreds of laser cannons,
shields capable of deflecting any bombardment
and even have a dreaded planetary laser: a single massive energy cannon
capable of laying waste to a planet in one blast.

ATTACK Light Laser (2d6) [pilot-linked]
MODIFICATIONS Faster-Than-Light Drive
These simple starships are most often found in the service of nobles and
aristocrats, ferrying them from their planetary palaces to larger starships
waiting in orbit. Built for luxury and show, they are all but defenseless
in the heat of battle, equipped with minimal shielding and a light laser.
Many of them do not even have a Faster-than-Light Drive.

Modifications grant starships certain abilities and advantages both in and out of
battle. Almost all starships have a few modifications, chief among them being
a Faster-than-Light drive. Below are the descriptions of each modification that
can be applied to a starship, along with its base cost. This cost is multiplied by
the starship’s maximum Hit Points to reflect that larger ships are more difficult
to modify. Some modifications may be purchased more than once.

ADVANCED SHIELDING: This modification adds +1 to a starship’s
Shield Strength. It may be purchased up to three times (x3).
Base Cost: 30 credits.

ADVANCED TARGETING SYSTEM: This modification adds +1 a
starship’s Targeting. It may be purchased up to three times (x3).
Base Cost: 20 credits.

AUTOMATED WEAPONS: This modification allows one of a starship’s
attacks to operate without a gunner or pilot operating it. The automated
weapon has a Base Hit Bonus of +0. This modification may be purchased
once for each weapon on a starship. Base Cost: 30 credits.

CLOAKING DEVICE: This modification allows a starship to cloak
(see page 49). If the starship fires a weapon or activates its shields
while cloaked it immediately becomes visible. This modification may be
purchased only once for a starship (x1). Base Cost: 100 credits.

FASTER-THAN-LIGHT (FTL) DRIVE: This is the most common
modification, allowing for a starship to travel at Warp Speed across star system,
across the vastness of the galaxy. It requires five (5) rounds to activate an FTL Drive
once a starship has left the atmosphere and gravity of a planet. This
modification may be purchased only once for a starship (x1).
Base Cost: 10 credits.

HIGH-YIELD THRUSTERS: This modification allows a starship to travel
faster. It adds +1 to a starship’s Movement class. . Base Cost: 60 credits.

ION CHARGE: This modification adds to a starship a single weapon
with ion energy, causing less damage but causing the target’s engines
to seize up. A starship weapon with the modification inflicts only 2d6
damage, but an enemy starship successfully hit with an ion
charge it suffers -1 to its Movement class for the next round. It may be purchased
once for each weapon on a starship (x1). Base Cost: 30 credits.

PROTON MISSILES: This modification adds a missile launcher that can fire a volley of 6 physical projectiles capable of massive nuclear explosions. Proton missile volleys are rolled as single attacks which inflict 8d6 points of damage on a hit. However, an attack does only half damage against a starship which has a current Shield Strength of 1 or higher. After 3 missile volleys (18 missiles) a launcher's Proton Missile store is depleted. At short range (only) a ship may choose to fire a single missile rather than a volley against its target, attacking with Disadvantage and inflicting 4d6 damage on a hit (+1d6 per extra missile launched, so 5 missiles attack at short range only with disadvantage for 8d6). It takes 18 single missile launches to deplete a missile store.
This modification may be purchased once (x1) per each weapon point on a starship. Base Cost: 10 credits.

REINFORCED HULL: This modification adds reinforced plating to a
starship’s hull, increasing its protection. It adds -1 [+1] to a starship’s Armor
Class. It may be purchased up to three times (x3). Base Cost: 2 credits.

TRACTOR BEAM: A successful Attack Roll made with a tractor beam
at Short or Point Blank range requires the starship’s pilot to succeed in a Saving Throw (DEX +Prof vs DC 15). If the Saving Throw is failed the starship immediately stops moving in its current
direction and is drawn 1 range band towards the attacker (S>PB, PB>Adjacent).
If the attacking starship and defending starship become adjacent (closer than Point Blank),
the attacker is assumed to have locked onto the starship and may send a
boarding party aboard. While gripping target in tractor beam an attacking
starship has Advantage on all To-Hit rolls vs the target. Tractor beams can only be
installed on the largest ships (200 hp) such as dreadnoughts. Base Cost: 3 credits.

SHIELD CAPACITOR: This modification increases the rate at which
a starship’s Shield Strength recovers by one (1) (eg 1>2, 2>3). It may be
purchased up to three times (x3). Base Cost: 6 credits.

ION GRAPPLER: Ionized high-strength towing cables are fired into an
adjacent vessel, piercing the hull and sending a pulse of energy into the
target starship, shorting out most of that vessel’s systems. Ion Grapplers
can only be fired at a starship that has a Shield Strength of zero (0).
Any kind of shielding automatically protects a starship from these attacks.
Ion Grapplers can only be fired at an adjacent starship. If the attack is
successful, the targeted starship takes 1d6 points of damage and the
starship’s pilot (or commanding officer, in the case of large vessels) must
make a DC 15 Saving Throw (WIS+Prof).
If failed, the starship’s engines and weapons are shut down for 5d6 rounds as they
are flooded by an overwhelming energy pulse.
Base Cost: 35 credits.

PLANETARY LASER: This weapon is designed to be fired at planets and
large orbiting satellites. When fired at targets any smaller, they suffer a -10
to their To-Hit rolls. Any planet, starship, or target struck by a Planetary
Laser is instantly destroyed. There is no damage rolled, as the amount
cannot be calculated in mere numbers. The power necessary to operate a
Planetary Laser can only be generated by an Orbital Battle Station. It takes
10 minutes (10 turns) for an Orbital Battle Station to generate the power
necessary to fire a single shot, although this shot can be fired at a low
energy Level inflicting only 175 (50d6) points of damage against their target
instead of a full blast. Planetary bodies are considered to have an Armor
Class of [4] and are extraordinarily easy to target. Base Cost: Priceless.

For starship combat I've decided characters can use the better of INT & DEX for Init (if commanding ship) & Targeting (if gunner). Max Davidion and Bjorn Argane both have INT 15+ and Space Battle experience in their Serials, giving net +1 Starship Init & +2 Targeting, which is nice.  8) Leo Marseilles has INT 14 which could raise to 15 at level 2, for a +1 bonus. He already gets +2 starship Init as a Pilot.

The Pride of Meltarm has 4 Bridge Crew stations, Max & Bjorn could take 1 each with Max flying the ship & firing one laser, handing the other off to Bjorn. If Leo were onboard too he could fly the ship, giving +2 Init and applying his Pilot bonus to one of Targeting (all guns), Shields, Move or AC, while handing the two lasers off to Max & Bjorn to maximise to-hit, making a very formidable team.

Thinking about high CHA, I'm thinking a high-CHA commander (eg Kjint can get CHA 15 at level 2) could use his +1 bonus as a morale & coordination bonus to crew serving under him, something like the way the Pilot bonus works - maybe one of Init AC or Targeting each round. So eg at level 2 if Kjint is in the Captain's seat he could give his Pilot +1 Init or +1 AC, or give his gunners +1 Targeting.
Experience for starship combat
Earning XP for Starship Combat is a little different than Personal Combat.
Because starships are highly customizable, instead of assigning a standard
amount of XP to each ship, there’s a simple formula that’s used to calculate
how much a single starship is worth in XP:
Starship (Hit Points x 10) + (Number of weapons x 50) = XP
This XP is then split amongst all player characters that are on board the ship;
player characters get a full share of XP, while Assistants get a half share. For
example, if a starship was defeated and the XP award for it was 1800 XP and
there were four (4) player characters and four (4) Assistant crew members
on the victorious ship, each player character would get 300 XP, and each
Assistant would get 150 XP.
Sometimes the important thing in Starship Combat isn’t about destroying your
opponent, but outdistancing and escaping it, especially if they’ve got superior
firepower. Whenever this option is taken, only 25% of the possible XP earned
is awarded to everyone on board the party’s ship.

Draconian Princess Mara Tile

Image result for science fiction cat people
Liowan  Felinoid Warrior

Astari Noble

Consortium Gas Giant Orbital Spaceport



Chronos Asteroid Base
Chronos Base (Wild Space) - the notorious free port deep into Wild Space; lawless haunt of smugglers, pirates, slavers... Tolerated by both the Draconian Empire and the Galactic Consortium as a useful resource for their own dirty deeds. Indeed it's rumoured that Draconian gunships have helped protect Chronos from reprisal attempts by the Human Concordat; Concordat agricultural worlds are a frequent victim of pirate raids.
Chronos Vulcanoid slave girl
Sevrerin 'Stained' Vermilion, Leader of the Bloodstained Band & ruler of Chronos Base

The Chronos asteroid base was once a simple gas-mining facility of unknown origin, possibly Markab. She orbits a small blue gas giant within the Discharge Limit, in the outer reaches of an M-type red dwarf system. As well as warp discharge, the gas giant's hydrogen atmosphere provides unlimited propellant, and the base is well beyond the star's own no-warp limit. There is a large crater on the surface of the asteroid, relic of the Human Concordat deep penetration nuclear torpedo strike in 42 CY. The pirates have since dug deep into the very heart of the asteroid. Chronos Briefing. Chronos Briefing 2 Law Enforcement

"You see how Chronos Base is situated right at a choke point between the Shyni and Alyr Vele Maelstroms? It's the perfect base for raids into Concordat space. The Draconian Empire, the Space Reavers, the Kurri , just to name a few - they all make use of it. Hell, so does the Consortium! And the Bloodstained Brotherhood control Chronos, getting fat and happy off the money passing through. Not that they don't still raid themselves - but not here, not back this way." - Malkus Kreed. 

Colovia - Temperate agricultural Consortium world known for its food exports. Capital city is Kvatch, in the Colovian Highlands. Port Anvil. Colovian Riviera & Cote D'Astra are luxury resort areas. Beer - 5.5% Savlian Matius.  Champagne - Cote d'Anvil

GLS-8063, GLS806477 - "14 days to the Shyni Maelstrom, so we'll need a gravity well to discharge warp coils on the way. This area is all Wild Space, of course. I'd like to use somewhere fairly obscure. There's a brown dwarf 6 parsecs from here, GLS806477, that Miletos know is suitable, of course that's a lot of gravity - would add about 3 hours at sublight each way, navigating in and out. Otherwise, perhaps one of the outer Charonic planetoids in the GLS-8063 system would be fastest - we don't have full data on the system though, but it might save a few hours. That's 8 days from here, so we'd only have a 2-parsec window while discharging." - Geradile Courana.

Helstrom - Cool, Low-G industrial & mining world with major orbital shipyard. 
Beer: 4% Industrieverk-99

The Klendathar Spine - Colloquial term for the warp route from the Kelron Sector to Toshe Station/Klendathar, by which the Galactic Consortium dominates this region of the Outer Territories. It includes the wealthy agricultural world of Colovia.

Malkam Adlar, the Supreme Lord

Omega Consor (Sterling Sector) - The capital planet of Omega Consor is the Consortium’s seat of power and the homeworld of Supreme Lord Adlar and his closest allies. It is the only moon rotating around Prime and though it had little more than an exploratory space station when Adlar rose to power, the planet is now covered almost entirely by massive urban sprawl with pockets of lush garden that are reserved for the Supreme Lord and those most loyal to him.
In addition to the Vortex and Gravaton orbital battle stations, several dreadnoughts orbit the world of Omega Consor to serve as a permanent blockade against those who would dare to challenge Adlar’s might. The great sprawl covering Omega Consor’s surface is home to the Supreme Leader’s personal palace, the Great Advisor’s Hall where Adlar’s Councilors gather to advise him on events across the galaxy, countless wealthy estates of politicians, industrial moguls, and the most well-to-do citizens of the universe. Instead of a planetary police force, Omega Consor is patrolled by countless shocktroopers who have undergone intense training and serve as some of the most elite troops in the Galactic Consortium.

Prime (Sterling Sector) - It is said that the world simply known as Prime was in reality once the very
center of the universe. A great utopian planet, it balanced natural beauty
and elegant urban environments to perfection. The delegates of the Unified
Systems that existed before the rise of the Galactic Consortium met here and
through diplomacy, understanding, and compassion, they spread prosperity
throughout the universe for countless generations. After corruption took hold
and crime and terror tore through countless star systems, everything changed.
Promising a new peace and new prosperity Malkam Adlar rose to power
and swore to any who would follow him that he would bring security and
peace to the universe. During what he called the Great Star Crusade,
he drove a great fleet from system to system, drawing followers to his
banner and crushing all who opposed him. When he arrived at Prime,
Adlar offered the delegates a single chance to surrender. When they refused
him, he unleashed the might of his fleets upon them in wave after wave of
orbital bombardments. Hundreds of dreadnoughts and a pair of orbital
battle stations laid waste to the planet in mere hours. Prime was shattered.
Adlar then proclaimed that all known systems would be placed under
the protection of the new Galactic Consortium, naming himself Supreme
Lord of this new totalitarian government. Decades later, the once lush
world of Prime is now a barren wasteland with no known sentient life on
it. Rumors persist that deep within the planet’s network of underground
caverns under the shattered ruins of its once mighty cities, there are survivors.
Even though Supreme Lord Adlar denies these claims, teams of
shocktroopers and other planetary investigators still regularly land on the
battered world for unknown, and unshared, reasons.

Russalassa Red Starr/Astrid Vermilion: "I was born on Russalassa. It's a beautiful world - red sandy deserts, dry hills, warm shallow seas. But primitive. Some people say we were a colony that failed - I dunno. The Reavers used to raid us - the Gilgaxeans - a long time ago. Took mostly the women - that was about all we had, 'cept for fish. Then a bunch of us got together, captured a Reaver ship. We found we were better at it than they were... My dad was one of those first Corsairs, the guys who captured that Reaver ship. The Heroes, we call them. Even before that though, he caught my mum - she was from a rival Clan, blood enemies. He snuck into her tent one night, carried her off..."

The Shyni Maelstrom - Beautiful false-colour images of the Maelstrom show dozens of stars burning from within a swirling blue-green gas vortex.
"The Shyni Maelstrom... A large, high-energy stellar nursery, just under three parsecs minimum diameter. Still-forming stars, white giants, lots of smaller stars... including we think several older ingressing stars. The Maelstrom itself coalesced from a larger interstellar nebula that included the Alyr Vele, we think about 20 to 40 million years ago, and will remain active as a nursery we think for about another 80 million, before being fully dispersed."
"Now, I'm sure you've all heard some of those Old Spacers' Tales about the Maelstrom - lost worlds, ghost ships, space dragons, hidden pirate bases stuffed with gold... It's an unusual place. Our immediate motivation for the survey was a quad-band metallicity spectrum anomaly from several stars within the Maelstrom, that appears to indicate the presence of four stable isotopes normally only found as trace elements, at best. Isotopes of Silver, Iron, Lead and Copper. We're referring to them as Adamantite, Meithreil, Orichalcum... and Magicum. Their properties are ...unusual, to say the least. And that's not all... There appear to be large 'bubbles' within the Maelstrom - protected areas, with much lower radiation. And even, maybe... life. Life, on worlds at most a few dozen million years old. Worlds that should still by rights be lumps of semi-molten rock. If the boffins are right, something is cooling them - cooling them, and vastly accelerating the normal evolutionary processes.It's... it's very difficult to get meaningful readings from even just outside the Maelstrom, never mind this far away. That's why we sent the Endeavour. But there are strong indications of life-bearing planets, with plentiful free oxygen - and you probably know better than me, how long oxygenation normally takes! Panspermia is of course the normal process by which Life spreads across the Galaxy. But on our standard models, the solar winds from the Maelstrom should prevent anything much getting in yet - not for about another hundred million years, when the largest stars have long burned away. That might indicate an indigenous origin."  -Geradile Courana

Shiva (Shivan Arm) - one of the few independent systems still lurking in the shadows of the Draconian Empire & Kazarin Hierate - since Meltarm fell to the Kazarin a few years back she hasn't got a lot of friends. Population: 6 billion Shivan - lissom grey-blue humanoids.

Sulos (Helstrom Sector) - Site of the last stand of the Secessionists against the Systems Fleet in -1 CY, the planet is still littered with battle debris. A low-intensity insurgency is still underway against CSMC occupation forces.

Tellian (Kelron Sector) - This is an beautiful planet known for its white sands and calm seas. It serves as a vacation world for many rich aristocrats across the galaxy, many of whom have earned their riches from the mining operations taking place across the Kelron Sector. The wealthy and idle live in great island mansions built from glass and steel that float above the ocean on custom-built hover platforms, enjoying a magnificent view of the untouched
white sands from afar. Some of these aristocrats are foolish enough to travel to the jungle islands
that dot Tellian’s surface, often speaking of the great beasts that dwell beneath the mile-high canopy of trees on the planet’s surface. Skilled game hunters return with carcass trophies that they display proudly on their majestic estates. Rumors of savage and bloodthirsty natives that live in the darkest parts of the wilderness still persist.

Wild Space - "There are no reports of specific dangers in this area, but we know Assimilator ships have been encountered within 10 parsecs Spinward, and there have been clashes with Consortium forces in the Uthgor Sector. Much of the region between here and the Shyni Maelstrom is formally claimed by both the Galactic Consortium and the Draconian Empire, and we even think the Human Concordat may have a claim too. There's a small possibility of encountering naval vessels from any of them. Pirates are also a possibility, the Reavers are active along the Shivan Arm to Trailing - but on our route we'll be well outside the usual shipping lanes..." 


CNN Newscaster
Bank of Omega Consor (BoC) - the largest banking network in the Consortium.
Consor News Network (CNN) - this major privately run media corporation is rumoured to have strong links with the CSB. Known for their glamorous topless female newscasters.
Image result for Buck Rogers space uniform
Consortium Space Corps Stunt Fighter Crew
Consortium Space Corps (CSC) - The Space Navy of the Galactic Consortium, embodied in the Dreadnought-class battleships that maintain Consortium Space Supremacy throughout the Known Galaxy. The CSC dates back to the Unified Systems but has been heavily restructured by Supreme Lord Adlar, once Admiral Adlar of the Systems Fleet. Loyalty ranges from fanatical to questionable. Within the CSC is the Space Fleet Command (SFC), whose dark clad personnel crew the Dreadnought Fleet. CSFC commanders are normally chosen for their personal loyalty to the Supreme Lord, rather than for military brilliance. Compared to regular Space Corps captains they have a reputation as tactically conservative and rigid, relying more on force superiority than the brilliant 'third generation' maneuver tactics that won the Systems Fleet so many victories during the Star Crusade.
Officers of the SC Space Fleet Command
CSMC Marines Trooper
Consortium Space Marines Corp (CSMC) - "Outmanned, outgunned, but never outfought" - The CSMC has a proud history dating back to the time of the Unified Systems. Traditionally the rapid reaction force of the Space Corps, these days the CSMC primary mission is garrison/occupation duty on frontier worlds.

Consortium Survey Bureau (CSB) - The Covert Operations arm of the Galactic Consortium. The CSB operates surveillance, covert policing, security and interrogation within and beyond the Consortium. The CSB Consolidator agents are much feared, and often report directly to a Void Knight. The CSB also operates the Consortium Scout Service, a non-military exploration bureau, but nowadays most system surveys are conducted by privare corporations, notably the Melano Corporation, which maintains close links with the CSB.

Planetary Defence Forces - Consortium member worlds are expected to provide adequately for their own defence. However the construction & acquisition of Dreadnought-class vessels is prohibited. PDF manned space forces tend base around Gunship squadrons, with a Stunt Fighter wing for fast intercept.
Colovia PDF Command Officer

Consortium Shock Trooper
The Shock Troopers - Personally & fanatically loyal to Supreme Lord Adlar. Much more numerous and heavily armed than the modern CSMC, the feared Shock Troopers form the primary security and ground combat forces of the Consortium, and are the sole combat troops on CSC Fleet Dreadnoughts, where they maintain loyalty among the Space Corps SFC personnel. The Shock Troops garrison critical areas like the Kelron & Sterling Sectors.

Related image
Void Knight
The Void Knights - individual Void Knights act directly on behalf of Supreme Lord Adlar, maintaining Adlar's 'Liberty and Justice' throughout the Galaxy. The Void Knights' cool 'Peace of the Void' Wayist philosophy contrasts sharply with the short-sighted passionate emotionalism of the Star Knights, the latter often blamed for contributing to the ultimate failure of the Unified Systems. Void Knights disdain the base emotions, such as anger, fear, love and compassion, in order better to truly become Masters Of The Way.

The thousand-world Galactic Consortium is only one, although possibly the largest, power in Known Space. Many human and alien regimes exist within and beyond Consortium Space. Supreme Lord Adlar's doctrine of "Universal Responsibility to Protect" (UR2P) states that in time all these rivals will be brought into the protective fold of the Consortium - or exterminated as a Threat to Galactic Peace.
Typical Consortium Shock Trooper: AC 16 (Battledress) HD 1+1 Save 18 Attack +1 dam 2d6 FR 2 (heavy laser rifle, c. 20)
Typical CSMC Marine: AC 14 (Medium armour) HD 1+1 Save 18 Attack +1 dam 2d6 FR 2 (heavy laser rifle, c. 20)

Assimilant Male
Assimilant Female
The Assimilants - Assimilants are terrible hybrids of man and machine. They have given over their humanity and uniqueness to become part of a hive mind controlled by a master artificial intelligence. Assimilants seek to draw all sentient beings into their fold, and are regarded as the enemy of all other sentient life forms. Little is known of Assimilant Space, or the full extent of their territories, but they have clashed with Human Concordat, Galactic Consortium, and Draconian space forces. Victory against the Assimilants is always costly, and temporary.

Cyborg Soldiers
Related image
Cyborg Replicant
The Cyborgs were created by the Unified Systems as soldiers and workers - and there was experimentation with Replicant models for pleasure. They rebelled against their human masters, and were instrumental in the fall of the Unified Systems when President Orlan was revealed to be a Cyborg Infiltrator by then-Admiral Adlar. Promising to defeat the Cyborgs and a growing Secessionist movement, the brilliant young Admiral Malkam Adlar was given command of the Systems Fleet and launched the Great Star Crusade exactly 50 years ago (3 BC - Before Consortium). Adlar defeated the Cyborgs and drove them back to the Far Stars, the barren lifeless worlds well above the Galactic Plane. He crushed the Secessionists in a series of brilliant victories culminating in the Battle of Sulos, before returning to Prime and a final showdown with the corrupt rulers of the Unified Systems.

Draconia-Class Dreadnought Battleship
The Draconian Empire - The human warlord Emperor Draco claims descent from Draco Muzevini, 'the Peaceful Prophet'. Once little more than a pocket empire on the fringes of the Unified Systems, in recent decades, with the collapse of the Unified Systems and rise of the Galactic Consortium the Draconians  have blasted out from their homeworld Dream of Desert Garden to establish a powerful and ever-expanding feudal state on the fringes of Consortium space. Their Draconia-class Battleships are said to be the match for any Consortium Dreadnought, while holding over twice as many starfighters & starbombers (28 vs 12).
Captain 'Killer' Kane of the Battleship Draconia
Once a brilliant military commander, Emperor Draco is aging now. Draco maintains rule via his 32 living daughters, the Princesses of Draconia. The Draconian Empire now dominates an estimated 400 systems. The most famous Draconian commander, Captain 'Killer' Kane, commands the Draconia itself, first of the Draconia-class Dreadnoughts. In 42 CY the Draconia under Kane helped destroy the Concordat fleet attacking Chronos Base.
Typical Draconian Soldier: AC 14 (medium armour) HD 1+1 Save 18 Missile Attack +0 dam 2d6 FR 2 (heavy laser rifle, c. 20)

Draconian Fighter Pilot

Draconian Princess

Human Concordat Fleet Crew
The Human Concordat - A Humanist regime lying Coreward from the Consortium, relatively little is known of this distant power. The Concordat is believed to be Human Supremacist, to have a military or quasi-military political structure, and to hold to a secular doctrine of 'Human Rights' that is anathema to followers of the Peaceful Prophet, Draco Muzevini, resulting in frequent border clashes with the Draconian Empire. Concordat women are said to be very beautiful, and Concordat agricultural worlds are the frequent target of pirate raiders seeking food and slaves. In most respects the Concordat appears to be significantly technologically inferior to the Consortium, and their military Star Cruisers have a reputation as almost laughably inept by Consortium standards. However Concordat Warp Drive and Sensor technologies do match those of the Consortium or the Draconian Empire. Size is estimated at 240 colonised systems.
One demi-human species accepted within the Consortium is the Vulcanoid race, notable for their superior strength, pointed ears, and dual copper/iron circulatory system, which gives some a greenish hue. It is rumoured that the Concordat are troubled by the Insectus, a widespread and hostile insect species rumoured to be able to transit asteroids through Warp, likely with a concentration to Coreward of Consortium Space.
Typical Concordat Redshirt: AC 10 HD 1+1 Save 18; phaser pistol ATT +1 dam 1d6+2 FR 2 c.20, save or disintegrated at 0 hp.

Qinlon Male
Qinlon Female
Kazarin Hierarch
The Kazarin Hierate - Like the Draconian Empire, the semi-nomadic Kazarin revere Draco Muzevini, the Peaceful Prophet. Unlike the mostly human Draconians, much of the Hierate ruling caste are Qinlon, a powerful warrior race of humanoids notable for their high ridged foreheads. Powerful, militaristic and aggressive, the Hierate forms a useful buffer between Draconian and Consortium Space. Worlds conquered by the Kazarin become part of a harsh and oppressive regime, their most beautiful women taken as concubines for the Kazarin Hierarchs. Current size of the Hierate is estimated at 80 worlds.

Primitive Kur
The Kuri - Normally considered one of the Sword Worlds Corsair factions, the Kuri are native to the Kurr system, where lies their home world, long since made uninhabitable by nuclear, biological and chemical warfare. The Kuri are slowly reclaim the planet Kurr, but most dwell in the Steel Worlds, vast orbital space stations with sublight flight capacity. Some have voyaged for millennia, and are now found in several systems across the Sword Worlds. Kuri are fierce warriors, 7'-9' tall, covered in shaggy matted fur and resembling a cross between bat, ape and bear. Some Kur colonies founded pre-Warp have degenerated into savage barbarism, as on Russalassa. The Kuri frequently use other sentients as slaves - and food. They frequently launch raids in their Silver Ships.
Typical Kur: AC 14 or 16 (Battledress) HD 4+1 Save 15 Melee: ATT +4 dam 1d6+2 (claws) or 2d6+2 (battle-axe), Missile: ATT +2 dam 3d6 (light laser canon) FR 2 c.20

The Vergax, leader of the Space Reavers
The Space Reavers - nomadic alien space pirates, originally native to the planet Gilgax, which hosts the largest slave market in the known Galaxy. Reaver fleets descend on worlds like locust swarms to loot, rape and pillage. They are said to maintain links with both the Kazarin Hierate and Draconian Empire, as well as with other Corsair groups. The Reavers suffered a serious reversal 3 years ago (CY 44) at the Battle of Atoros, where their invasion of a Consortium world was checked by the lightly armed 9th Legion of the CSMC. On the 12th day of their invasion, the Space Reaver flagship dreadnought Horrible Fate exploded under mysterious circumstances. The Reaver leader, the Vergex, survived the battle (minus a hand), and has sworn revenge on all survivors of the 9th. Gilgaxeans are said to have an unhealthy sexual interest in all human and demi-human species.
Typical Gilgaxean Space Reaver: AC 13 (light composite) to 17 (heavy composite & energy shield) HD 1+1 Save 18; Missile: ATT +1 dam 1d6+2 FR 2 (heavy laser pistol c.20); Melee ATT +1 dam 1d6+1 (mono-cutlass)



Game Day 1; 184-47 Year of the Galactic Consortium: "...By decree of High Lord Adlar, remaining restrictions on the sale of slaves throughout the Outer Territories are lifted as of 180-47. Restrictions on trade within the Inner Territories continue. Melano Corporation representative Pete Tuchell has welcomed the news. Experts predict a 0.2% boost to Consortium GDP..."

Game Day 2; 185-47 Toshe Station: The vids are playing a Consor News Network daily update - Supreme Lord Adlar has received visiting dignitaries from the Kazarin Hierate... a new Humanitarian Intervention here... a Nativist Insurgency pacified there... a successful test firing of the 'world smasher' Planetary Laser on the Orbital Battle Station Gravaton... launch of the new Battlestar-class Dreadnought Responsibility to Protect... the usual stuff. 

Dr Beverly Gates
Astral Endeavour Crew, Miletos Survey Corporation
Captain Egold Hess

Engineer G'Vorta
"Astral Endeavour is a refurbished Constellation class Scout with a four person crew. As you see, she has a diamond-shaped hull with welded patches. Apparently the result of a prior... misunderstanding... with a Kazarin picket vessel, out on the frontier. She has an older stardrive, which requires somewhat frequent maintenance. However the ship is equipped with an advanced laboratory and computer analysis system. Shielding was upgraded from Class 1 to Class 2 for this mission. Firepower is a single Class 4 laser weapons system. So, a fairly good punch for a civilian vessel."

Courana taps the pad, images of people appear.

"Her crew..."
"Egold Hess, Ship Captain. Bit of a loose cannon perhaps, but one of our best. He volunteered for this mission."
"Ron C Hastings, former CSMC Platoon Sergeant, 9th Legion. Ship Security Officer. This was his first assignment with us."
"Dr Beverly Gates, Biosciences specialist. In charge of the lab. Also Medical Officer."
"Engineer G'Vorta. Ship's Technician, also rated for Deep Space Exploration. His species have several interesting qualities, including chameleonic fur and hibernation."

Courana checks her pad.

"Last contact was when she left Toshe Station for the Shyni Maelstrom, 26 weeks ago - the exact date was 02-47. No problems were reported. She has a nominal 6 months' crew supplies, and an expected 16 week mission to survey the Maelstrom - she was due to return by 114-47, making her 71 days overdue as of today."

White Star Thief Class
Based on https://19thlevel.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/white-box-thief.html

Hit Dice (d6)
Saving Throw

Surprise Attack











Thief Class Abilities

Weapon and Armor Restrictions: Thieves are trained to use any weapon that can be used one-handed.  They can only wear Light armor for protection, and cannot use a shield.

Saving Throw: Thieves are good at avoiding danger and correspondingly good saving throws. They gain a +2 bonus in attempts to avoid traps or dodge attacks.

ThieveryA thief can perform various feats of legerdemain and stealth, normally either succeeding automatically or using an Attribute+Level check (vs 3d6 Easy, 4d6 Moderate, 5d6 Hard etc). Some uses of Thievery such as Open Locks & Climb Sheer Surfaces require Thieves' Tools, a set of which costs 30 credits from starting funds.

Open Locks/Hacking: By use of special tools and an INT or DEX check a thief can open a locked door or chest, hack a computer system (INT only) etc.
Find Traps: Thieves are always on the alert such that merely being in the presence of a trap that the thief could possibly detect grants a secret INT or WIS check made by the Referee to detect the trap. Specifically searching for a trap gives an easier roll or automatic success.
Remove Traps: While typically finding a trap allows the thief to avoid triggering it, a DEX or INT roll can be made in an attempt to permanently disable the trap. This is a dangerous proposition, as failure will often trigger the trap (Save to avoid).
Listen for Noise Behind Closed Doors: A thief can listen at doors for sounds beyond, detecting even the faintest noises with a WIS check.
Move with Great Stealth: Thieves can move silently with a successful DEX roll. This roll may be combined with Hide in Shadows (below) as a single test. If a lone thief (or one ahead of his or her party) succeeds in this, his or her foes are automatically surprised.
Hide in Shadows: A thief can vanish within shadows via a DEX check. While not possible under direct observation, it can often be attempted in the chaos of combat against foes not currently battling the thief.
Filtch Items and Pick Pockets: Thieves can relieve victims of their possessions, steal items from tables, etc without being noticed via a DEX check. This can even be used in combat, though items being held or actively used cannot typically be filtched.
Surprise Attack: When attacking from surprise (such as during a surprise round or when hidden) a thief gets a +4 bonus to hit and does additional damage with their first attack (x2 levels 1-4, x3 levels 5-8, etc.). When rolling for damage, roll weapon damage the indicated number of times, then add any bonuses once only.
Climb Sheer Surfaces: With tools, a thief can climb a rough surface without even needing a check. This skill is used to climb nearly flat surfaces, overhangs, etc with Thieves' Kit via a STR or DEX check. The conditions of the surface determines whether good or optimal conditions exist.
Decipher Script: An INT roll can be used to decipher languages and codes. It can also be used to decipher alien script.
Establish Guild: At 9th level a thief can establish a base of operations. 4-24 Lower level thieves will serve the master thief as he or she becomes Guild Master.


Game Start
G Courana
Day 184, 47th year of the Galactic Consortium
You have been on Toshe Station a week, and are getting distinctly short of funds, when you receive a recorded vidcall from someone who IDs as "Geradile Courana." Opening the message on your comlink, you see the face and upper torso of a good-looking well-coiffed thirty-something human female wearing an expensive grey executive suit and diamond choker. She smiles brightly into the camera.
"Hello there! I believe you're seeking employment. I have a well-remunerated job I hope will be suitable for your talents. Please meet me tonight 19:00 at Macklin's Bar, table 25. I have a reservation. See you there!"
The recording ends.

09:58 hrs

"Mmmrrrraawwwrrrrr." Says Zhaerk, enthusiastically. He paws at the screen in a most disconcerting fashion, his huge furry hand giving the screen a good wipe in the process.

Zhaerk's pawing activates the callback function on his motel vidscreen. There's a brief ringing, then "Geradile Courana" appears onscreen, now wrapped in fluffy white towels round hair and torso, with what looks like a warmly lit luxury hotel room in the background, probably the Rassilon downtown, very different from the cheap off-Strip motel that is Zhaerk's current abode.

Ms Courana smiles brightly through the vidscreen at the great hairy alien.

"Ah, Mr Zhaerk! So good of you to call back. Sorry, I was just getting out of the shower. How can I assist you?"

Zhaerk Looks confused but gives the glamorous business lady his best toothy grin (he has many long sharp teeth) Mwwrrggrrrvvvv. See you at 7 baby." He clicks of the screen.

Janette gave a slight nod of her head as the message ended. She was certain Charlie was responsible for the potential job. It would feel good to get back in action. It had been way too long since she had been in the field and she was ready for action. With time to kill before the meeting, she began to the strenuous workout that kept her fit and combat ready.

19:00, Day 184/47

Zhaerk the Rawwr and Lt Janette Dalcor arrive at Macklin's Bar at about the same time - the well known spacer's drinking joint is just beginning to fill up for the evening. Round the back of the bar are the booth tables for those who prefer a little peace and quiet.

Geradile Courana is already there waiting at the table, wearing the same grey exec suit as in the message and looking just slightly nervous. She rises as you approach, gesturing to the seats.

"Ah, Mr Zhaerk, Lieutenant Dalcor. So good to see you. Please, have a seat. Some wine? Or I hear the Acquarian Synthbeer is very nice..."

She calls over a robo-waitress to take your order, then continues, glancing around as if to check you're not being observed.

"To be honest, I'm expecting a third... This mission would be a little difficult without him. Or at least, his ship..."

She fishes in her jacket and produces a couple of white black trimmed business cards. They say "Geradile Courana, Miletos Corporation".

"You may have heard of us? We're a research and survery corporation. Not the largest yet, but growing fast... Unfortunately, one of our ships is missing. The Astral Endeavour, a four person Scout, was tasked with charting the Shyni Maelstrom. She is now three months overdue here at Toshe Station. We have to assume there's a serious problem. I've been tasked with locating and recovering the ship, her crew, and whatever data she's holding. I'm authorised to provide generous compensation."

GM: Janette is not big on astrographics, but Raawrr has heard of the Shyni Maelstrom, a turbulent stellar nursery light years across, about 2 weeks at Standard Warp from Toshe Station, well beyond Consortium space. There are many strange rumours and legends about the Maelstrom - lost worlds, ghost ships, space monsters, outlaws and pirates, hiding from Consortium justice. Not a safe place to visit; few captains would be willing to go there.

19:15 Day 184-47.

>>Kthint hustles down the corridors of the station trying to get to the RV on time. "I just hope I've enough money to get some drinks in..."<<

As Kthint Dargo crosses the open concourse in front of Macklin's he gets the odd feeling he's being watched - but scanning the evening crowd reveals nothing suspicious. He goes in.

>>He enters Macklins and after a brief check of the room, he spies the lady from the message and makes his way over to the table where she sits with two others.

"Sorry I'm late...I had a bit of trouble getting here."

Geradile Courana looks extremely relieved to see Kthint Dargo. Whatever she has planned must need his skills - or perhaps his ship.

"Welcome Mr Dargo. You're just in time. Please, have a seat. This is Mr Zhaerk, and Lt Dalcor..."

>>Kthint pulls out a chair and manspreads, leaning forward whilst trying to catch the eye of the waitress and listen to what's the big deal.<<

>>Janette scowled at the Geradile Courana's use of an incorrect last name. Ordering a synthbeer, she stared at the other woman with impunity and asked, "So what kind of area are we walking into Ms. Corona?" She stressed the incorrect name of her potential employer with a sarcastic smirk.<<

"Courana, it's Courana..."

Courana reddens, apparently catching on. She eyes her datapad under the table, presumably refreshing her memory.

"I'm sorry - Lt Wilcor. Wilcor. It's been a long trip from Tellian. I'd just begun my vacation there when... " she trails off under Janette's steely gaze.

>>Kthint catches the mono-eye of the Robo waitress at last and points at the synthbeer and raises 1 finger to indicate another, hoping that the software interprets the gesture correctly.

He smirks at the tableau as his would be colleague mangles the corporate slave's name.<<

The rather battered robo-waitress brings Kthint his synthbeer. Over at the White Palm Revue they have live topless waitresses - and the drinks cost three times as much...

Geradile sips her white wine spritzer, then fishes in her jacket and produces a third white black trimmed business card - "Geradile Courana, Miletos Corporation" - she hands it to Kthint Dargo.

"We're a research and survery corporation... Unfortunately, one of our ships is missing. The Astral Endeavour, a four person Scout, was tasked with charting the Shyni Maelstrom. She is now three months overdue here at Toshe Station. We have to assume there's a serious problem. I've been tasked with locating and recovering the ship, her crew, and whatever data she's holding. I'm authorised to provide generous compensation."

She continues in response to Janette's query:

"The Shyni Maelstrom is a stellar nursery about 2 weeks at Standard Warp from Toshe Station - well beyond Consortium space. It's a very high energy area - the stellar metallicity readings are very ...intriguing. We don't put much credence in most of the rumours about the Maelstrom, but it is dangerous, and sensor readings are often unreliable. I need a good ship, and a good team."

She turns to Janette.

"In your case Lt Wilcor, a security specialist. Although you were invalided out of the CSMC, I am assured your skills are still..."

Geradile's gaze goes to a wall-mounted vidscreen, where a slender brunette newsreader, apparently nude but for jewelry & hair ribbon, is reading the news from Omega Consor, capital of the Galactic Consortium.

"...By decree of High Lord Adlar, remaining restrictions on the sale of slaves throughout the Outer Territories are lifted as of 180-47. Restrictions on trade within the Inner Territories continue. Melano Corporation representative Pete Tuchell has welcomed the news. Experts predict a 0.2% boost to Consortium GDP..."

Geradile grimaces.

"Melano Corporation... They've been jealous of our success. It's even possible they might be responsible for the Astral Endeavour's disappearance."

She glances around the room, as if fearing observation.

Blob Snooper
"There are no Melano ships docked at Toshe Station - I checked. But they might have agents here. And as you know, they have a certain reputation - and powerful friends..."

Judging by the nervous tone in her voice, you get the impression Ms Courana is seeking bodyguards at least as much as she's looking for a salvage team...

Geradile Courana, Miletos Corp

Miss Stern
Geradile negligee
"Where are my Dragons?!"

"All My Daughters" Princess Cat Fight

Geradile's dress

Yelana  di Draconis as "Princess Ezquuesa", AMD
Vice-President Rodrigo Gutierrez
Un-suitable Courana

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